Difference Between Re-painting And Non-repainting

If you want to use Forex scalping indicator then it is recommended to know difference between repaint and non repaint indicator. because it is most related to scalping and you will learn new things from them.so i hope you got it.

Many indicators are valued for their predictive qualities and their ability to help operators make the right business decisions. The hundreds of indicators available, from the most popular to those developed and adjusted by individual forex traders, depend on a variety of data in their composition. Many indicators differ according to whether they use the open, near, or mid price of the current price bar to provide traders with the most up-to-date information. This main difference is the difference between indicators that can be considered “repainted” and those that are not redrawn.

so candlestick pattern indicator is the basic indicator and candle stick are used by 90% indicators because it is major pattern and major and basic strategy to trade in forex.

Why are the indicators for repainting different and not repainting?

Rebalancing occurs when the indicator is based on the closing value of the current price bar to update exactly. Therefore, whenever a price bar is opened, the indicator has the potential to increase or decrease until the conclusion is confirmed. In contrast, non-outdated indicators are usually based on available data by opening the current price bar. Once the bar is open, the indicator remains fixed until the next opening.